Who We Are

SUSHI LOVER is the quality supplier of fresh sushi, hot food, salads and special products to ShopRite supermarket. Our sushi is prepared fresh daily with variety of selections and is conveniently packaged for customers. We defined as a quality take-out sushi boutique that provide the freshest sushi. We’re committed to providing healthy sushi with finest natural fish and ingredient for sushi-lovers.  Our goal is to keep balance of Japanese aesthetic and definition of our food concepts.

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About Leaders

We are very interested in assisting you as a business owner to reach your goals.  Our top executives are running businesses based on 30 years’ food businesses and experience


Founder/Executive Chef

Brian Kim has been in the sushi business for over 20 years.  He has worked himself up to be the executive sushi chef and is very knowledgeable with all things sushi.  His priority is food safety and cleanliness, both in the working area and sushi bar and assures high quality sushi.  He is very passionate about what he does and loves to see people come together through food. 


Co-founder/Executive Operations

Sun Kim has 30 years of experience in different food business as an owner such as delicatessen, fish market and coffee shop business. Based on her experience, she has put together a business plan for a successful sushi bar business. Her expertise is managing people. She loves to work with people and is striving for a win-win solution. 


At ShopRite Supermarket

We are continuously expanding sushi bar. There are currently have 34 sushi bars and other food service in ShopRite supermarket throughout the east coast.  Sushi Lover has become a premier sushi company. 

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Highly Skilled Sushi Chefs

Business is running under highly skilled and experienced sushi chef.  We pursue in perfection in roll and cut... It's pure craftsmanship.

Clean Work Space

Sushi-making is a fun and creative process that works best in a well-organized work space. Our daily mission is to serve healthy sushi at perfect pH level and temperature for best tastes in a clean work environment.